Mate Papp is drinking espresso.

I'm Mate Papp, a Software Engineer, a lifelong learner and teacher, an Apple fanboy, a wannabe home barista, and a productivity nerd (= too lazy). Originally from Hungary, currently living in beautiful Barcelona, Spain with my beloved wife.

During weekdays, I work as a Senior Frontend Engineer at Glovo. Previously, I was also an iOS Developer and I've co-founded a startup. On weekends, I like to build & iterate on my ideas.

Beside of work, I enjoy spending time with my friends & family by traveling together, playing board games, or meeting to drink a great coffee or craft beer. Apart from that, a couple of my hobbies are visiting conferences and meetups (sometimes speak), music & podcasts, and playing any kind of team sports.

Over the years, I’ve become passionate about coffee. Nowadays, I experiment with different brewing methods at home (mostly espresso, V60, AeroPress, and Cold Brew).




  • September

    Moved to Barcelona.

  • June

    Joined the Content & Partners cluster within Glovo as a Senior Frontend Engineer.

  • April

    Built the first version of matepapp.com website to learn and experiment with TailwindCSS and Next.js.

  • March

    Partly, because of the pandemic we decided to shut down Cogito and look for other opportunities.


  • September

    Mentored a half-day workshop at JSConf BP '19 about the beauty and possible opportunities of JAMStack.

  • July

    Left Supercharge in order to focus on Cogito full-time. I've lead the development team and helped building the foundations and product of Cogito.

  • February

    Had my first & second Meetup talks, plus a workshop within the company about GraphQL in general, and for iOS Developers.


  • August

    Moved to the Web team within Supercharge.

  • June

    Graduated as a Computer Engineer BSc at Budapest University of Technology and Economics. My final thesis was the very early version of Cogito.

  • March

    Officially founded our startup, Cogito with 5 friends of mine. Cogito is a community based, collaborative learning management platform mainly for universities. Initially, we participated in an incubator program, StartIT@K&H.


  • November

    Joined one of the biggest digital agency in Hungary, Supercharge as an iOS Developer. I worked on several client projects, from huge mobile- & internet banking systems to small, early stage startup products.

  • April

    Hold a Design Principles workshop for newjoiners at Simonyi Károly College for Advanced Studies.

  • March

    Started a new job at Fornax ICT as an iOS Developer. Part of a cross-functional team, we were building enterprise level project- and resource management applications.


  • December

    Joined the organizer team of the XIV. Simonyi Conference.

  • July

    Started my professional career as an iOS Developer Intern (later Junior) part of POSSIBLE CEE.

  • April

    Participated in UXStudio's Practice oriented UX & UI training program.


  • November

    Started learning iOS application development in my free time.

  • October

    Joined Schönherz Design Studio, the design focused volunteer team within Simonyi Károly College for Advanced Studies.

  • June - September

    Worked 3 months in the US as part of a staff member of a Summer Camp. I had a chance to visit New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Niagara Falls, and Los Angeles.


  • August

    Moved to Budapest and started university at Budapest University of Technology and Economics as a Computer Engineer.

  • June

    Finished High School at Nagy Lajos Gimnázium Szombathely.

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  • spending time with friends & family
  • brewing coffee
  • listening to podcasts
  • reading books & articles
  • playing team sports
  • attending meetups & conferences
  • traveling
  • functional training
  • cycling
  • playing boardgames
  • cooking
  • learning new things